Sandaidh, who lives in Western New York sent this in.


(blogger’s note: The link will take you to the entire article where you will see that the good mayor is opposing a federal legislative amendment to restrict the registration of guns.  You would think, given the crime rate in New York City and Washington, D.C. (both with the most restrictive gun controls laws in the Nation) that the good (tongue in cheek) mayor would be a little more attuned to the pulse of the freedom loving citizens of the United States of America.)


Mayor David Roefaro wants a politician from Kansas to come see the city.
And maybe, Republican Rep. Todd Tiahrt will change his stance on
controversial gun legislation, too, Roefaro said.

"I would like to try and make him understand we need to do away with
the law he instituted and see how the community’s affected by this,"
said Roefaro, who addressed a letter to Tiahrt Wednesday inviting him
to the area.

Roefaro told Tiahrt in the letter that he would even pay for his
plane ticket if he came to the city.

The legislation Roefaro was referring to is known as the Tiahrt Amendment. Critics say the law makes it harder for law enforcement to track illegal guns because it restricts the tracking of them.

Proponents say it protects the lives of law enforcement officers and integrity of their investigations.

"There’s a lot of misinformation out there," said Wendy Knox, press secretary for Tiahrt.

"The intent of the Trace Data Language was never to prevent the sharing of trace data or other information in a criminal investigation or prosecution," Knox said. "Trace data is always available to law enforcement officials and prosecutors conducting bona fide criminal investigations."

The legislation has sparked broad and national debate and become a cause for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an organization with more than 340 mayors from 40 states, according to the group’s Web site.

If Tiahrt visited, Roefaro said the two men would tour upstate’s prison system to show Tiahrt the issues with illegal guns and need for strong enforcement.

(blogger’s note:  What does a tour of a state prison tell you about issues with illegal guns.  Surely there are also prisoners there who killed with knives, baseball bats and even their bare hands.)

"We need to track these guns before a crime is committed," he said.


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