I received this via email from a contact in Tulsa.  I have NOT verified the information contained herein, but I have read similar accounts on other sites and from other sources.


somalia one


Now that the stand off is over I have received a very disturbing intelligence report courtesy of the Pure Pursuit Information Center by way of a former Special Operations Commander that paints a very different picture of what actually happened.

This is the tale of Barack Hussein Obama vs. The U.S. Navy Seals according to the reports received along with my own commentary on the subject.

After a five day stand off the U.S. Navy Seals finally action against the Somali pirates holding U.S. Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama. Many in the liberal media gave huge praise to the President for authorizing the action and went so far as to say that in this case there was no way that conservatives could be critical of President Barack Obama because he acted swiftly and was tough, he had finally shown his metal.

As much as I am glad the stand off came to an end I want the world to know that it was not because President Obama finally authorized decisive action. I cannot stand by and allow the left wing media to play up President Barack Obama’s actions while ignoring the real lack of action ion his part. this was a huge opportunity for him to show the world that America will not stand by and allow our citizens and commerce to be threatened. Instead he proved himself to be nothing more than a liberal lump of jiggly transparent Jell-O, the greatest nuclear power on earth was held captive for 5 days by 4 pirates in a row boat with AK-47’s.

First, soon after the pirates took the Alabama President Obama was asked about using Special Operations troops to bring an end to the stand off. For 36 hours the President refused to authorize them to go to the scene even after the on scene commander recommended the action. The President told DEVGRU/NSWC SEAL teams “No!”

Upon arrival President Obama, a man with no military experience at all, not even as a state militia volunteer, a reservist or an Air National Guard fighter pilot (hint hint) told the U.S. Navy, Marines on site that they were not to do anything unless there was “imminent danger.” So essentially the Rules of Engagement stated that unless the U.S. forces thought they or the Captain were in “immediate danger” they had to remain at the ready but avoid taking direct action. Thanks to President Obama, Captain Phillips was for all practical purposes on his own, that is until the commanders on the scene had enough of the President voting “present.”

Days later, when the Captain made an attempt to escape and the pirates began shooting into the water to try and wound or kill him the U.S. Navy Seals had the pirates sighted in but had NO AUTHORIZATION to fire on them. As a result the Captain was unable to escape and was brought back into the pirates boat.

When a U.S. Navy supply boat was fired on during the ordeal, again the Seals had the pirates in the cross hairs but due to the rules of engagement and orders from President Obama, they took no action.

The Seals spent hours developing multiple rescue plants to nab the Captain and bring him back to the USS Bainbridge safely but the President specifically DENIED them the authorization to such take action.

After several denials by the President to authorize the Seals to take action and kill the pirates, the commander on the Bainbridge decided that the stand off had gone on for far too many days and that Captain Phillips was in immediate danger. He was also visibly and verbally tired of the President’s lack of concern and action.

As the verbal and signals exchanges with the pirates continued to escalate in a heated manner while towing them around the Indian Ocean, and with Pirates pointing AK-47 assault weapons at Captain Phillips, the Navy made the decision to coordinate an attack. Navy Seal sniper fire resulted in the killing of three pirates instantly, leaving the last one needing to change his shorts and Phillips alive and well.

The entire sniper operation from start to finish, from planning to set up took all of four hours. The entire ordeal lasted almost a week.

Despite claims by President Obama that he took daring and decisive action, it is all a huge smoke screen to help him save face. Captain Phillips was lucky to have survived, but President Obama should be ashamed and in my book deserves to have egg on his face because he wanted “a peaceful solution” when the situation called for the killing of thugs to protect an American patriots life, international commerce, and our reputation as a strong nation.

If this story sounds like one of those stereotypical action movies that takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster where troops hands are tied by some Washington DC bureaucrat while they watch Americans suffer at the hands of the enemy, maybe that is because it happens all too often. Need I remind readers that President Bill Clinton stood by and took no action when special ops teams had Usama bin Laden literally “in the kill zone” on at least 13 different occasions.

President Obama promised he would listen to commanders on site in Iraq and Afghanistan, one can only take him at his word but after this incident I certainly don’t trust him at his word. Not that I ever did to begin with.He promised to restore our international reputation… as what? A nation afraid to protect its citizens?

It is my opinion that President Obama has yet to realize that he has to do more than wake up late, vote present, sit in the Oval Office, fly on Air Force One, ride in a big Limo, read a teleprompter, and accept money from the Chinese to serve as American President.

After all of his antics within his first 100 days it seems to me that it is his complete intention to embarrass America in every way possible by making us a nation of needy, withering, weak sticks lacking the testicular fortitude to protect our borders, our sovereignty, our economy, our populace or our reputation.

Thank goodness the U.S. Navy made the decision for him in this case,.Other wise we might have had 4 men in a row boat holding an American Citizen hostage on the high seas for 444 days while billions of American Naval hardware remained on alert in the Indian Ocean waiting for President Obama to wake up and do more than try and “look Presidential.”


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