Just thought I would throw this in, in case anyone is interested:




The Time to Take Your Future
Into Your Own Hands is NOW!

Dear Newsmax Patriot,

If you listen close enough … you can hear the rumbles of discontent.

The movement is growing stronger. Our voices can no longer be ignored.

On Monday we issued a Call to Arms for Americans to take back control of their money and the response has been, to say the least, overwhelming.

People are starting to talk about it on their blogs … we’ve gotten an incredible amount of reader feedback … and most importantly, many are starting to take action.

I’ve set a goal of 250,000 people to join together in one place … at one time … and with one mission…

It’s time to draw our line in the sand …
to say enough is enough!

Together we will reclaim the financial freedom that the Obama Administration and the crooks on Wall Street are trying to take from you.

The Tax Day Tea Parties were a resounding success. But they were spread out across America. By everyone gathering in one place, we can ensure that Washington, DC will be forced to listen.

Which is why I need you to join the cause.

On May 7th at noon EDT, I’m holding a FREE webcast where I’ll be joined by my top financial analyst, David Frazier.

The broadcast will be hosted by former CNN Anchor Bob Losure. It’s imperative you attend. Click here to reserve your spot.

On this webcast you will be provided with specific actions you can take and investments you can make to protect your money from President Obama’s reckless spending and Wall Street’s crooked, back-door deals.

Every penny you’ve worked for is at stake. As I write this letter, yet another Ponzi scheme was discovered in Minnesota. This one affects $3.5 billion dollars of Americans’ investments and life savings.

If you don’t learn how to protect yourself … the next victim could be you.

So please sign-up now to attend.

And to help you defend yourself, I’ve authorized my team to build a members-only, password-protected Web site which will contain exclusive videos and articles aimed at helping you defend your wealth.

The Web site is another FREE arsenal you can add to our plan to protect and grow your money. Access is free when you register for the webcast.

Even if you can’t make the May 7th online gathering … sign up. You’ll still be given access to the Call to Arms exclusive Web site, plus when our webinar is rebroadcasted, you’ll be the first to know.

Now is the time to take action. Let our government know that you want your piece of the American Dream and you are going to take it for yourself.

Click here to register for A Call to Arms!

I’ll see you on May 7th,

Christopher Ruddy
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Newsmax and Moneynews


Thanks to my old buddy, Chuck, down in Oklahoma City.


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