Dick Morris, in the May 12th, 2009 issue of, speaks of the death of the healthcare system in the United States as we know it":

“When all of America’s top health insurers and providers met at the White House this week and pledged to save $2 trillion over the next decade in health costs, they were pledging to sabotage our medical care. The blunt truth, which everybody agreed to keep quiet, is that the only way to reduce these costs is to ration healthcare, thereby destroying our system.”

It might well behoove you to go to Mr. Morris’ blog and read the entire article.  Scary thoughts, when I look back at all the medical procedures I have undergone since I aged; quadruple bypass surgery, gall bladder removal, colon resection and others, all under Medicare.

If you think you are having trouble NOW getting to see a doctor under the Medicare fee system, just wait!  We will be in the same boat as our Canadian brethren.

You can subscribe to Mr. Morris’ writing at


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