Whatever happened to Tarzan?


A couple of movie critics were discussing old movies and wondered whatever happened to Tarzan. So they decided to look for him and ask him a few questions. Finally they located him, and the conversation went like this:

Tarzan how come we haven’t seen you in a movie in a long time?

– Well, I’ve had a bad case of arthritis and I can’t swim anymore or jump from branch to branch.

– What about Jane, Tarzan?

– Jane is in really bad shape. She has Alzheimer and doesn’t know who I am anymore.

– What a shame. What can you tell us about your son Boy?

– Well, we don’t see much of Boy lately. He stopped going to
school and he only comes around to see us when he needs money or a favor.

– That’s sad Tarzan. What about your chimp Cheetah. Have you heard anything about her?

– Oh Cheetah. She’s really doing well. She married a lawyer and is now living at the White House.


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