Register For Your ObamaCare Draft Card!

White House Alert: The ObamaCare Draft Is Legal!

You read that correctly. You are to be drafted against your will into ObamaCare. Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats have shut Americans out of the Healthcare debate and now you are being drafted.

At the core of ObamaCare there is a legal question “Does the United States Constitution give the United States Congress the authority to mandate individuals to have health insurance, to carry health insurance?”

Simple put AmeriPac Says NO!

The ObamaCare Draft plan is simply, you just register to get your ObamaCare Draft Card. Then wait in line for the ObamaCare lottery to draw your number and tell you when you can line up at a government clinic to get care.


Not registering is not an option. The penalty for those who choose not to get insurance, is 2.5% of one’s income and the penalties will be collected by the IRS. You will be fined and you will get a criminal record but you will not go to jail (what a relief) if you want to care for yourself.

Now Reid is set to push ObamaCare in the Senate. We must be vigilant as Reid is planning a Senate vote by the end of the year.


The focus is now on the Senate and we must continue to tell Democratic leaders not to compromise on provisions that are leaving many questioning the viability of the bill.

Nothing Is Being Done To Reduce Health Care Premium Costs.

The ObamaCare plan has no Tort Reform and will leave hospitals and doctors with growing massive legal and malpractice insurance costs and increase premiums. No reduction in prescription costs will continue to force Americans to bear the cost of drug research and development worldwide. While the Chinese and the rest of the world get reduced drug costs the premiums for Americans increase. With no provisions in ObamaCare to reduce the cost of doctors, nurses, hospitals and treatments premiums will spiral out of control.

No problem just Tax the wealthy to bankroll ObamaCare. Reid has asked the Congressional Budget Office to analyze a proposal to increase the Medicare payroll tax for people making more than $250,000 per year to help pay ObamaCare.

Premiums are based on the cost of care and the number of people paying those premiums. With no cost controls Obama is mortgaging America’s healthcare future by not addressing the costs of tort reform, prescription drugs and making China and the rest of the world help pay for drug research not just the US

The unknown program details will be worked out over the next four years. The 111 NEW BOARDS, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs created in H.R. 3962, Speaker Pelosi’s government takeover of health care are sure to cost at least $3,000,000,000,000. Yes, $3 Trillion more in taxes with no cost cutting in sight.

Current legislation leaves unanswered many of questions that will determine perhaps dozens of votes. The final timing and outcome of the vote is in question.

We must STOP Reid and his dangerous and destructive plan NOW!

The bills reviewed by the CBO have produced even more questions about thier costs and their ability to reduce the deficit. Initial REPORTS FROM CAPITAL HILL SHOW DISAPPOINTMENT FROM LIBERAL SENATORS AND CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS alike about what is in the bill and what’s been left out.


ObamaCare which does nothing to cut costs and improve care or even guarantees a reduction in premiums must be stopped just look at what it will do!

Seniors lose $500 Billion from Medicare – O NO ObamaCare!

You pay TAXES on Employer health care plans – O NO ObamaCare!

Uninsured forced to spend 20% of income to be insured – O NO ObamaCare!

Retired Union Members healthcare benefits get TAXED – O NO ObamaCare!

NEW TAXES on Americans earning less than $250,000/yr – O NO ObamaCare!

Americans PAY an additional estimated $3500/yr for coverage – O NO ObamaCare!

Cancer patient care rationing – O NO ObamaCare!


“ObamaCare” Can Be Stopped… Just read the ObamaCare CHART.

House Minority Leader John Boehner and other Republicans asked the Joint Economic Committee to draw up the ObamaCare Chart.

To the average American, it looks like a maze that they’ll have to navigate before receiving medical care. AND IT IS — the parts in white already exist, and the colored boxes are the new entities, offices, requirements, reports, and subsidies the Democrats’ bill would create.

Don’t hold your breath. Once again, the Democrats are using their majority power like they’re dictators, trying to keep the TRUTH from the American people and their Representatives in Congress. We MUST not let them succeed! That’s why we’ve set up our site to enable you to send “blast faxes” to every single Senator and Representative on Capitol Hill, demanding that they read every line of the ObamaCare bill, look at every single detail exposed by this new chart, and KILL this new attempt at a government takeover of American healthcare!

Please don’t delay — Congress is in session right now, and if we don’t stand up and FIGHT against the radical Left, there might be nothing left of the America we know and love for our children! Take action now!


Alan M. Gottlieb
Chairman, AmeriPAC

P.S. Republican Rep. Steve King has stood strong on the floor of the House in opposing ObamaCare, saying, “You can’t understand this health care program if you read the print.”

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN! We need to completely overwhelm every single Congressman and Senator’s office, DEMANDING that they look at the details of ObamaCare, and KILL THE BILL. But we need YOU to take action NOW to make it happen!


Please make checks payable to AmeriPAC:
American Political Action Committee (AmeriPAC)
PO Box 1682
Dept Code 3273
Bellevue, WA 98009-1682

Paid for by AmeriPAC, a federally-authorized and qualified multicandidate political action committee. Contributions to AmeriPAC will be used in connection with federal elections. Maximum contribution per individual per calendar year is $5,000. Contributions from foreign nationals and corporations are prohibited. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.


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