The fellow who wrote this is a veteran, doesn’t drink, believes in God and is angry.

Jim never expresses his opinion- must be more than angry




I was talking to a friend last week and we hit upon the upcoming election of congress for next year.

We decided that if they are in power now we will vote them out in the upcoming election.

The ones that are there now need to be put out and

The ones going in need to know that they too need

to live by the laws that they create for the rest of us to live by.

Their pay should be on the GS scale by grade and time served,

They should pay into social security,

And medicare and be required to use it

And not vote in their own pay scale,

(must use the same) retirement plan and health care system

That the American tax payers are required to pay extra for.

There needs to be checks and balances for them that they don’t have at this time.

So we will wait until after the election and see how things run,

I really don’t expect much change because people are satified with the status quo.

I will give it a shot anyway.



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