I do not know who wrote this, only that a friend in Tennessee sent it to me.  I applaud the writer!  Soldier on!!!!!!

“There are some people who feel  it is necessary to constantly complain and criticize America. And there are some who dislike our military. But, when push comes to shove and you are up to your eyeballs in trouble, who do you want to see….? …Somebody from the U.S. military that’s who… And why is that? Quite simply because first, last, and always they are Americans and are the embodiment of some of our finest values. Today is Thursday (about 0330 in the morning) and I am so proud of our people that I had to get up and write this piece.   Think about this chain of events… Tuesday – about 6 PM – Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. That event literally destroyed most of the country… it is in ruins. Thousands of people are hurt and there are no hospitals to treat them. The dead are piled up in the streets. There are no morgues and no way to get the dead to cemeteries. Thousands are homeless and there is no food to feed them, no shelter… nothing. There are literally no communications except for cell phones and internet via satellite. There is no fuel to run cars, ambulances, or any other emergency vehicles. There is no equipment to dig out those still trapped in collapsed buildings. There is no electricity and no clean water. In other words Haiti is a disaster of the first magnitude. Yesterday, in less than 24 hours after the earthquake, the USS Carl Vinson (an aircraft carrier) departed Norfolk, VA and headed south at flank speed. She left without provisioning and managed to re-provision “on the fly” passing Mayport Naval base at Jacksonville, FL. This was accomplished with helicopters flying relay missions back and forth to the ship as it passed by Jacksonville. By this afternoon, the Carl Vinson will be in Haiti with her hospitals, helicopters, and personnel. She has the capacity to supply tens of thousands of gallons of clean, fresh water a day and some electricity to Port Au Prince. That means that this huge ship will have recovered her crew from shore leave, re-provisioned in transit, and traveled some 1,600 – 1,700 miles in about 2 days! Outstanding! Bravo Zulu on steroids! Meanwhile the Air Force deployed an EVAL (evaluation) team from Florida (most probably Eglin, AFB) to see what is needed. These people tell their command what is needed to establish an operating environment for aircraft operations and personnel needs. By this afternoon you can expect to see an operating control tower at the civilian airport and C-17’s, C-5’s, C-130’s and a host of other aircraft arriving with emergency personnel and supplies…AROUND THE CLOCK… and mind you, this is taking place in less than 72 hours from the event! Also deploying will be the civilian fire department search and rescue teams from Fairfax, VA and Miami. Standing ready to deploy are elements of the 82nd Airborne and Marine units. These personnel will help to restore order and prevent the country from falling into chaos. And we can’t forget that field hospital units of the Army, Air Force, Navy, will be heading to Haiti too. By early next week (or sooner) there will be operating field hospitals in Haiti. And by this weekend a system of distributing food, tents, water, and other supplies will be in place and operating. It is also my understanding that another aircraft carrier (I don’t know which one) is also on the way to Haiti…. And that isn’t all… a hospital ship is on the way… and those big planes I mentioned earlier…? They will be carrying sick and injured to hospitals here in the United States and elsewhere as they return to the United States for another load of relief supplies. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no other country in the world that can – or will do what we do. Some of our people that are assisting in this disaster relief program are just returned from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan! And yet without a complaint, here they are, off to help an impoverished people in their time of need. So for many of us Vets, it’s “hand salute” to our military and for you civilians – please – a tip of the hat to our men and women in the United States Military…. Thank God for these men and women! Nobody … and I mean NOBODY does it better.

Thanks, Larry!


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