Our First Step in Taking This Country Back

Our First Step in Taking This Country Back

My Friends,

Tonight, history was made in Washington. I liked how simply Sean Hannity put it: this is “the most irresponsible piece of domestic legislation in our lifetime.” I don’t think I could agree more.

But we shouldn’t be discouraged. While Nancy Pelosi might have won the first clash, tonight’s vote is our first step in the war for the future of this nation. Those terms might be stark to some, but I believe them to be true. I stand with each of you and I’m prepared to do what it takes to win this fight.

If we don’t stand together, and allow Washington to ignore the will of the American people, there may be no chance to get our country back.

Please know that I stand with you, ready to fight for the future of this country, ready to fight for the freedoms and liberties granted to all Americans in the US Constitution.

I wanted to give you a few important talking points for the next few days. Here is what you need to know about ObamaCare and where we go from here:

  • Each and every Member of Congress who voted in favor of this huge increase of government control of our health care will have to explain their vote to their constituents and why they voted against the best interests of the American people.
  • Republicans do not believe that government is the answer, we believe it is the problem — the American people are with us on that and that is the fundamental difference when dealing with this bill.
  • Democrats continue to believe that the federal government can solve all our problems. If the system is broken – they want to fix it by raising taxes, throwing more money at the problem, and having the federal government take it over.
  • Dr. Tom Coburn made it clear — he is leading the charge in the US Senate to root out the hidden corruption in this bill– and I will stand right there with him to expose the truth of this outrageous health care takeover.
  • The 2,700 page bill includes: over one trillion dollars in new government spending, $500 billion in new taxes, $500 billion in cuts to senior’s Medicare.
  • This bill will force millions of employers to cancel their current healthcare plans and force them onto a government approved healthcare plan. The bill creates a healthcare czar to impose healthcare “price controls” that will certainly lead to a shortage of care.
  • And finally, their bill requires every private citizen to purchase their government approved healthcare — whether you need it or even want it. This is not just unprecedented, this is unconstitutional!

This is the newsletter I received from Congressman Sullivan after the idiotic approval by the House of Representatives of obama’s health “reform” bill.

God help us all!!!!!


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