Is it not amazing that a nation founded by revolution against a tyrannical king over the issue of a tax on tea with the slogan, no taxation without reprsentation, has come to this?

We now have a totally out of control fascist government that taxes everything from apples to zippers and everything in between, and has a so-called representative government that is Representative in Name Only. Nothing of what this current government is doing these days is representative of my values, views, beliefs, nor of the U.S. Constitution.

We have a government that has become Fascistic with all the rules, laws, regulations, etc. that our government agencies, bureaus, commissions, and departments enforce at gun point if necessary and then we are taxed and made to pay for our own Strangualtion of Rights, Liberties and the Pursuit of Happiness which was to be found in America.

Wake Up America–King George of England was a Kindergarten Bully compared to these Neo-Fascist Jackboots we now have running this nation in the name of Hope and Change.

Source unknown, but thanks to NancyS for sending it in.


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