I received the following email from a dear friend and fellow baker down in the piney woods of East Texas.  Since she cites some personal facts and figures based on her own experience, I asked and got permission to post it here.  Thanks NancyC

“I don’t know about you all but I personally am tired of people breaking the law to enter and live in our country.   I have no problem with people from another country who want to come to the United States to try to have a  better life but I do have a problem when they break the laws of this country to do that.

We had children in the local school district, which is one campus of children…3 year old Head Start babies to 12th graders, for 24 years.   We have seen ALL of the changes that have come about since January of 1984.   When Aimee and Catherine started in this school in fifth and 1st grades…..there were NO illegal alien children here… the years passed, the invasion started.  By the time Amanda, Sara and Ashley started school there were many more……by the time Ashley graduated high school in 2008, the school was 62% Hispanic with a large majority of those children being illegal Mexican children whose parents are working at the local plant farms and who DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH.  I understand today that the school is almost 68% Mexican/Hispanic, two years after Ashley graduated.

One year, I attended every single school board meeting.   I listened while I heard the board vote to spend $60,000 to purchase a computer program that would help teach the Mexican children in K thru 3rd grade to speak English (because they obviously don’t learn it at home from parents who ONLY speak Mexican (for those of you who don’t realise it, the Spanish taught in school is NOT the same as what Mexican people speak…it is Spanish from Spain).  Then the next year, the state of Texas mandated that the school hire a special ESL teacher JUST for those lower grades…..that would be to the tune of another $45 to $50 thousand dollars per year.  These are just two instances where our school tax dollars went to benefit Mexican children ONLY, once again many who have illegal alien, non-English speaking parents who came to this country so that some of their children could become “anchor” baby American citizens.

There are two kindergarten classes.  In 2006, there were about 32 children in each class…..there was a total of 2 Caucasian children in one class and 3 in the other.  The majority of children in these two classes were Mexican with more than half of those Mexican children being the offspring of illegal aliens.

This is a very small school district…..this is not a rich school district.   What the illegal alien population is costing in this county is staggering and this is not the only school district in Rusk County who is in this boat.   If you would like to go up to school when classes let out for the day, today, you might think that you are actually IN Mexico.

Yes, Mexican people do a lot of jobs that other people don’t want to do…..great.  I am all for them doing a good job where ever they can get a job, PAYING TAXES, which a lot of them don’t, and having a better life but I am SINCERELY tired of paying for the extra services that the children of illegal aliens are getting and the other free services that all illegal aliens are afforded in this country while we have to struggle to pay for college and living expenses for our own children who are 4th generation NATURAL United States Citizens.

We need to put a stop to people of any and all other country crossing our borders illegally…..this is breaking the LAW.  Let them come in legally or they need to stay OUT……..managed by whatever means we can put in place on our borders.

You may agree, you may not agree.   For the people who think it is ok for people to come across our borders in a manner that breaks the law, let’s set up a system where ONLY those people who agree pay taxes to finance the free services that these people have access to and let us keep our tax money to help our own daughters and grandchildren obtain a college education.


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