This letter was written by the mother of a lady with whom I used to work.  She is a real activist and doesn’t pull any punches.

To: Roscoe Turner

Tulsa District 3 city councilman

Mr. Turner:

I want to know how you intend to vote on Tulsa having a city ordinance to use E-VERIFY on all employees AND contractors..?

Need I remind you that I voted for you to represent ME, not the Tulsa Chamber, Hispanic Chamber, the employers who hire illegal alien workers or the foreign people in our city.

I see MANY Spanish speaking people working on our street crews.  Some are not only so brazen to admit they are not here legally, they BOAST about it daring us to do anything lest they scream RACISTS.

THAT card has OUTPLAYED itself.

I know EVERYONE on this earth, INCLUDING ALL of you elected officials profiles people EVERY day and EVERYONE discriminates to JUDGE WHO they feel safe around…so WHAT is wrong with that..?  Those who rant profiling and discrimination best look in their own mirrors FIRST.

As an American citizen taxpayer, I have a right to know WHO is in my country ILLEGALLY.  Being here ILLEGAL means they have broken OUR laws and I have EVERY RIGHT to be suspicious of their FUTURE intentions.

When the president of Mexico hands out brochures to his people to tell them how to invade MY country, I take issue with that and THOSE who oblige him.

When “ILLEGAL OR LEGAL” MEXICAN TERRORISTS “BOLDLY” rant OUR streets with threats to “KILL US”, I EXPECT AND DEMAND our elected officials PROFILE THAT ETHNIC GROUP rounding them up and detaining them until they can show proof of valid papers to be here and if they can’t I expect they will be deported out of our state.   The ones here legally who threaten to take over our country and kill us should be put in prison for DOMESTIC TERRORISM and TREASON.

I hope I don’t need to emphasize to you that AMERICANS are going without jobs and AMERICANS are being FORCED to support illegals and foreign workers while they and their families go without.

There are AMERICAN children and babies going without but, most any day you can go to the DHS office at 21st and Garnett and see hand truck loads of food, baby supplies etc. coming out of there and loaded into the vehicles of MOSTLY SPANISH speaking people.

I asked one of the workers there if they check for citizenship and I was told NO, they aren’t allowed to, BUT they check ENGLISH speaking whites, blacks, Asians for our VALID ID, bank statements, life ins policies, savings accts, vehicle info , house info and any credit cards we have etc etc.   The worker told me they can be accused of racism and profiling if they ask questions of the Spanish speaking people, yet if I as an American citizen want a drivers license or I must fill out an employment form, I am FORCED to provide a VALID ID they can check.

SO, WHY is it called PROFILING when it comes to asking for a VALID VERIFIABLE ID from Spanish speaking people..?

AMERICANS are the people being profiled and discriminated against and I want this practice to STOP here in Oklahoma.

Roscoe, it is time we protect the citizens of Tulsa in EVERY way possible and DEMAND ALL workers PROVE they are here LEGALLY.

I have a certified copy of my BC, SS, DL and have NO problem showing these.  I have had to do so most of my life anyway so I see NO VALID excuse not to expect the SAME and MORE from “QUESTIONABLE” people and I say that because we have “QUESTIONABLE” people ranting our streets, burning our flag, waving the Mexican flag, shouting at us they are here to take over our city, state and country and KILL us if necessary.  I take that as a life and death TERRORIST threat against me and my family and I “EXPECT” our city council, mayor, PD, HWP, Sheriff and state elected to protect me from this horde of “INVADING ENEMY TERRORISTS” as our state constitution DEMANDS you All do.

You ALL took an OATH to obey our state constitution and I EXPECT you ALL to honor it or accept the consequences of law suits.

I have mentioned this to ALL the city elected in the past and as a result of words they didn’t want to hear, I am BLOCKED from contacting them by email and I protest this also.

MY tax dollars help pay for that internet service and I have every right to exercise my 1st amendment to voice my opinions, dissatisfaction or praise to my elected officials.

I have NEVER threatened ANYONE with bodily harm in ANY way to warrant being blocked from emailing you all.

CLEARLY, this is a violation of my 1st amendment and a FEDERAL law.

I ask you what are you going to do about these issues..?

I would like an answer by this FRIDAY, BEFORE the meeting NEXT Tuesday when you will vote.

Below is a forward of a crime story of a VICIOUS act an ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST did that we Americans are forced to endure.  This is the typical character of the INVADING ENEMY TERRORISTS that we see right here in our own city…they proudly march our Tulsa streets ranting their threats against us and the city does NOTHING.

This MUST stop or we the citizens will be forced to take LEGAL action and remove ALL elected who violate their oath of office to protect us and the borders of our state against an INVADING ENEMY such as we have here in Tulsa and Oklahoma.

I hope you take the appropriate steps to rectify these matters as I have had MORE than enough of this disregard for “MY” rights and the right to live in Tulsa in peace from INVADING TERRORISTS.

Our founding fathers would be APPALLED and ASHAMED of All those who treat their oath of office and our constitution with such a flippant disregard.


Mrs. Shirley Ellis



Sic ’em, Shirley.


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