“The Obama Abomination”

Barack Hussein Obama will be known as “the first ever” American President (in the history of the television) to give a press conference without the presence of the American flag. Just days prior to Memorial Day and he appears before the American public with no American flag.

Obviously, he is sending us a subliminal message…that he does not represent “we the people“…but “CORPORATE AMERICA”. (NWO)

How much longer will we put up with this?  This is “in your face” disrespect for America & everything it stands for!

This was his recent press conference where he stood for one hour telling lies to the press & public about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The symbol of our country is the American Flag. Every nation in this world has a flag of their own…flying it is the pride of every nation…as it should be. If there is one position / one person…in this entire world that should understand the meaning of our flag…the importance of our flag…and what it represents…it is the President.

A sad day in American history.

A big thanks to Marie down in Gainesville for sending this.


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