This might help explain why the Muslims are wanting to build a huge mosque right next to Ground Zero.  Rubbing it in our face, so to speak?  Is New York actually going to let them do it?

Take a look at THIS video.

Thanks to Jackie out in the wilds of western Oklahoma.


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  1. What exactly is the “strategy” here? I think there is a little bit more “strategy” involved in the misleading tactics used by the media…selectively presenting certain information (the site’s proximity to ground zero, and the fact that it will contain a Muslim worship space), and selectively omitting others (the fact that the building is already used for Muslim worship, was damaged in the 9/11 attacks, is not viewable from the ground zero site, is in a block of mostly abandoned buildings, etc.).

    You get a different picture depending on what facts you look at. Calling this the “ground zero mosque” is even misleading…that phrase creates a mential picture that causes a negative gut reaction in the majority of Americans.

    I explore these and more issues in my post The “Ground Zero Mosque”: What is the true motivation behind this debate?. I would be grateful if you would check it out. Another interesting post that I found was this collection of photos from within 2 blocks of ground zero, which gives interesting context to the concept of “hallowed ground”.

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