I am a firm believer in the right to carry a weapon, both concealed or open.  In Oklahoma, we have a concealed carry permit law (CCW) and the legislature is once again working on an “open carry” law.

For some reason, the university presidents in this State band together to oppose CCW on campuses of higher education.  I think that some of the shooting on college campuses would not have happened if some of the students had been carrying.  As it stands right now, any idiot who wants to take out a crowd of people on a school campus knows full well that there will be absolutely NO opposition.

MarieG, down in Texas sent me this and I think it makes the point very well:


A guy cruises thru a stop sign and gets pulled over by a local policeman. Guy hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit.

“Okay, Mr. Smith,” the cop says, “I see your CCW permit. Are you carrying today?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well then, better tell me what you got.”

Smith says, “Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket. There’s a 9mm semi-auto in the glove box. And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.”

“Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?”

“Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15, an AK47, and a .12 gauge shotgun. That’s about it.”

“Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range…?”


“Well then, what are you afraid of…?”

“Not a f—–‘ thing…”


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