Mrs. Fred Grandy: All about the Muslim Brotherhood

 Earlier today I sent out a video about Mrs. Fred Grandy publicly criticizing the Islam Religion and the Muslim Brotherhood.  I received a note back that said, “She is exactly right, Islam is Islam is Islam; one may not believe in stoning or cutting hands off, but they still believe in dominating the world!”
It prompted me to write the item below.  I thought you might like to read it.

I agree wholeheartedly.  There is no such thing as Moderate Muslim and Radical Muslim.  There is ONLY MUSLIM.  They all believe in the teachings of the Koran and that is a book of lies; – – and anyone who would think about it for a little while could come to no other conclusion than it is a lie intended to over throw the authority of The One God.  The God of The Bible.
Here is how I see it. (short version)  God created man in his own image.  Before that there were many, many different creatures and animals of all types.  We know that Dinosaurs lived here at one time but not since man has been created.  Adam and Eve never had to contend with the Dinosaurs.  However there were other creatures that walked upright like man and even looked somewhat like man.  We know there was the Cro-Magnon, the Pithecanthropus Erectus, the Neanderthal,the Nephilim (Gen. 6:4), the Java man and others.  But they were not human, they were not created “in God’s own image.”   The Dinosaurs disappeared from earth some 3.5 Billion years ago and Man as revealed by the Bible is only about 5,500 to 6,000 years old.
Somewhere about 1500 or 1600 years went by after the removal of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, while God allowed man to live by his own understanding of right and wrong (good and evil). Because they “ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil” (Gen. 2: 15) and knew right from wrong.   About that time came Noah, when mankind became so bad that God said, “I’m sorry I ever made man and I will start over.”(Gen. 6:7)  He saved Noah and his family and the human race began over again.  One thing different about this group of humans from the first group was that their life-span was shortened from approximately 900 years to 120 years. 
Abraham was born approximately 400 to 450 years later and then God gave Abraham’s clan the Blessings of God, chose them as His “chosen people” and promised to them that from their clan would come the way to Salvation of the World.  Abraham prospered and began this new clan of God’s chosen people.
Then about 450 years later these same people had gotten into trouble and were slaves in Egypt and God sent Moses to lead them out of bondage.  He did exactly that with the working of MANY GREAT MIRACLES by God.   It seems that God decided to make it easier for man and instead of leaving it up to him to determine what was right and wrong, God would give man the written Law (the Ten Commandments) so they would know what was right and wrong.  Again, this group of God’s chosen people didn’t understand or at least did not obey God and built the Golden Calf.  God almost destroyed them all again but “relented” (Ex. 32: 11-14), and forgave them and re-gave the Commandments.  This was another New Beginning with the Law.
Then God gave man the right to make sacrifices with lambs, goats or even sparrows to allow man to ask for forgiveness of not keeping the law or for misunderstanding it.  God even stayed with them through Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy to give clarification of the law and how to settle disputes.  He even told them how to build a roof on their buildings and how to plant crops. (Deut. 22: 8 NIV)
This lasted for about 800 to 900 years through the period when God allowed man to chose a King and all the Kings and Profits came and went and again the people were rebellious against God’s Laws and again worshiped idols, God turned them over to Assyria and they went into captivity in Babylon until Daniel’s time and they were allowed by Kind Cyrus to go back to their Homeland and rebuild the Temple of Solomon.  This too could be called another New Beginning.
They continued to struggle for about another 400 years with making their sacrifices for their sins and then God put into place his “pre-promised” plan of a Messiah, a Christ, a Savior for all mankind and they did not have to make the Temple Sacrifices anymore because God set forth the New Testament or New Contract or New Agreement.  God would provide the “One-time Sacrifice” the perfect sacrifice for all of mankind’s sins and the only thing He asked was that the individual believed in His Christ who was Jesus, the son of God, who was himself God because they were God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit all in one, which we often call the Holy Trinity.
The former laws were not cancelled, breaking them was still a sin, but the punishment was very different.  God had made ONE SACRIFICE for all time and man could have it for asking for forgiveness and believing in the Christ God had provided.  That was the, New Start for all times that would follow.  It is a “gift not a reward for good works so that no man can earn it and boast.” (Eph 2: 8)
Several things did change even though the Law still remained in place.  When the woman was going to be stoned for adultery, in (John 8:2-11 New Living Translation) Jesus said “Let the one who has never sinned cast the first stone.” – – –  then later said, “If no one accuses you neither do I, go and sin no more.”
This New Start or New Testament implied that the Laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy were still in place but the punishment for all the laws could be and SHOULD BE forgiven.  Then in all of Matthew 5: the Beatitudes tell us a new way to act and particularly in Matt.5: 43-48 the New Testament says “Love your Enemy.”  Not kill him but Love him.  Now that is a New Start.
All this took place and Jesus, The Christ, went to the Cross to be sacrificed on a painful, degrading death to provide this Salvation and Forgiveness for all mankind who would believe.  And if you believe in Jesus then you are adopted into God’s Family of Chosen People and become a “Joint Heir with Jesus.” (Romans 8: 14-17 NIV)
Well, all that happened at approximately AD 30.  The New Testament, New Covenant of “Love your Enemies, be forgiving of others transgressions against you and Punishment belongs to God” all belong to this time period because Jesus (who is God) died in order to put this into place.
Then 650 years later there came another person who says he has a NEW COMMANDMENT for all the world to live by.  And that “new commandment” was told by an illiterate individual who took a 9 year old girl as a wife, said it was permissible to kill  any woman who committed adultery or even if she was raped it was permissible to stone her to death.  He commanded that anyone who did not believe as he instructed was subject to punishment or death.  These instructions were later written down after his death by some who had heard him say these things and they called that book the Koran. 
It tells that is perfectly acceptable, no, worse than that, IT IS AN ACT THAT WILL BE REWARDED, if you kill a Christian or Jew because they do not believe in Allah the Moon God.
I have laid out this set of circumstances because the Muslims say they are the same family that came from Abraham and are the Children of God.  Just a different side of the bed, – – – the wrong side. 
Is there any possible rational understanding that Jesus who was predicted thousands of years before his arrival and his birth, death and resurrection all predicted 1000’s of years before his coming; is there any way anyone could think that the God who died that horrible death in order to tell men to “Love your Enemy,” could possibly tell mankind 650 years later to “Kill Jews, Christians, Adulterers or anyone who did not believe in their make-believe god? 
The answer is, “Of Course Not!”  They can not be the same God!
No one could possibly follow both of these two different Theologies.  They are in direct opposition to each other and if you believe the Hebrew Bible you CANNOT BELIEVE there is any truth what-so-ever in Islam.  And if you believe the Koran and Islam there is no way you can believe in the Hebrew God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.
The Hebrew God, the Bible and Jesus Christ, is a Religion for all who will come and Accept and Believe.
The Koran is an Islamic Manifesto very much like the Communist Manifesto or Mein Kamp.  It is a Political Ideology of a Socialist Dictatorship and a Repressive Government Rul
Thanks to Marie in Texas for sending this.  I do not know the original author.

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