I just took an important national poll by Newsmax asking whether President Obama should be re-elected in 2012.
The poll also asks if Obamacare should be FULLY repealed.
I am requesting that you join this powerful movement and make sure your voice is heard!
This results of this poll will be shared directly with President Obama, Congress, the Supreme Court and all major media.
We believe when our leaders see the overwhelming opposition to President Obama and Obamacare they will act.
They will act to STOP Obamacare before it . . .
  • Increases our budget by $1 trillion (at least!)
  • Cuts Medicare benefits for senior citizens
  • Sends private insurance premiums sky high
  • Sets the groundwork for healthcare rationing for the elderly
Newsmax is championing this poll.
Dick Morris, the famous Fox News analyst, is urging Americans to take this online poll.
I can assure you, our voices will be heard.
Please join me and countless others in voting in this poll.
To participate in the poll, Go Here Now.
Sent in by Marie in Texas.

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